Fascinating steel spheres as metal globes or designer objects.
In extraordinary dimensions.  

Wire metal globe up to 15 m in diameter!

As manufacturers of oversize stainless steel spheres or spherical objects, we make it our business to create awe-inspiring sculptures with a distinctive accent.

We offer a wide range of designs and materials, for instance various open framed designs for worldglobes or metal spheres where longitudes and latitudes are symbolized by the frame structure, on impressive pedestals.

Celestial globe

Picture: Illuminated-celestial-globe

Our steel sphere sculptures are handmade with a lot of passion for detail and available in a variety of bespoke finishes: Partially sandblasted, fully painted, or artistically etched for that special „look-and-feel“ - the choice is yours! 

metal globe sculpture

Picture: Metal globe sculpture and steel sphere vases in a RGB illuminated lounge.
Here you can see detail pictures from the metal globe with arrow >

We also supply plastic spheres!  

plastic spheres

Large plastic spheres up to 6.4' in many colours for different purposes.
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Metal globe intended for roundabout ... Metal globe / worldglobe on roundaboautFurther information on this globe >>
Giant steel sphere for public spaces...Giant metal sphere stainless steelFurther information on this metal sphere >>

We also offer custom-made giant metal globes or metal or acrylic globes made to your choice of design and colour – as long as it is technically feasible, we will face almost any challenge...

Our product range:

Another metal globe example: globe sculptures with waterfeature for offices or garden ponds


Metal globe sculptures ... a piece of art or just an eyecatcher?

Talking about art in public places, as pointed out on this page, it is obvious that sculptures that need no further explanations, such as metal worldglobes, are particularly suited for public places. To get to the point: The concept of „arts“ has many different aspects: There are visual arts, applied arts, craftwork, fine arts, etc. One could say that an artist engages in a creative activity to express an intention, attitude, or point of view – often with a cultural, political or philosophical message – with a certain uniqueness.

Giant steel sphere sculpture for public spaces

Example: Art installation / sphere lamps for Airport SFO

sphere vases

Example: Flower vases from stainless steel with mirror surface (available up to 6.5 ft in diameter)

Are our spheres and worldglobes pieces of art? In a wider sense, they are. However, we see ourselves more as craftsmen, as we do not only make unique copies.

That is why we say: We make commercial art. To look at. To touch. To marvel at. Unmistakable and distinctive.

Example: Large stainless steel globe with 13ft in diameter

Our globes make the difference between just driving around a roundabout and a „trip around the world“

Since a while, roundabouts are in vogue when it comes to the construction of road junctions. What has been popular with our European neighbours (e.g. in France) for quite a long time, has also regained popularity in Germany during the last few years. Not only do roundabouts offer a better traffic flow, they also reduce the costs for the installation and maintenance of traffic lights. Below you see an example of a metal worldglobe for a roundabout.

Metal globe

Picture: Open framed metal world globe with base construction on roundabout

Nowadays, new roundabouts spring up like mushrooms. But how to set accents on such large and dull concrete islands? Apart from planting some green, many local authorities decide to install a piece of art to give public places their own distictive identity.

Unfortunately, one particular aspect of „traffic art“ is often forgotten: As stated before, by creating a piece of art, the artist expresses a special intention. This implies that the work of an artist is something to be involved with, something to be looked at in detail in order to understand the artist's intention, message, attitude, etc.

However, as you only need a few seconds to pass a roundabout, how should you turn your attention to a piece of art in such a short time? Which means that for most drivers, „roundabout art“ is „just another sculpture“ quickly passed by. What a pity...!

A metal worldglobe, on the other hand, will be recognized without any longer reflection.

Add a distinctive feature to your business

Your business has just moved to new premises or even a new location? With a unique global sculpture you make sure that visitors and customers recognize your company seat even from afar. You will be surprised how often your clients will ask you about this metal object!

Show your clients that you are a Global Player ...

stainless steel globe with application...in the true sense of the word. For companies working in the area of transport and logistics, such as forwarding agents, freight or shipping agencies, etc., a 2m diameter open framed world globe or a high gloss polished steel sphere may just be the ideal business hallmark. To visualize your global activities, a rotating three-dimensional arrow or various sand-blasted elements can be applied on the metal sphere.

Picture: Pedestal for metal world globe with application  

For architects and civil engineers looking for sculptural objects for their projects

For all those architectural projects where there is no specific subsidy for artistic designs, we offer the ideal solutions for impressive spherical metal objects: Giant metal worldglobes, arrangements of polished steel spheres up to several meters in diameter, or fountains (indoor and outdoor) – you name it, we have it.

Wanted: Artists inspired by giant steel spheres!

We always welcome artists! Do you need large metal spheres or hemispheres for your objets d'art? Just give us a call, and we will be glad to provide advice, also with regard to the realisation of your ideas.

For booth construction companies needing an eyecatcher

Our sculptural objects are also particularly suited for the booth construction business. As specialists for spherical objects we offer various metal or acrylic globes. The surfaces can be finished to your specifications, as long as this is technically feasible, and if desired, can be equipped with an electric motor as an optional feature.


For interior designers: Individually designed polished stainless lampshades

Giant lampshade in stainless steel You are an architect or interior designer requiring individually designed spherical lampshades, e.g. for a shop or restaurant interior? We supply the blanks, for instance polished stainless steel spheres up to 2 m in diameter.

Picture: Oversized lampshade made from large stainless steel sphere

By traditional manual work, not only do we craft metal spheres and worldglobes, but we also combine different material – stainless steel, aluminium, copper, glass, acrylic – to customer's specifications.


Individually designed plastic spheres as globe or illuminated eye catcher    

Illuminated globe sphere

Example: illuminated globe sphere with rgb controller. Also available as spinning globe.


Acrylic / plastic sphere with rgb lighting

Creative ideas wanted? We also supply transculent seamless plastic spheres in 2 m  diameter, for lampshades, globes or eye catcher. Inside can be attached e.g. rgb lighting with dmx controller.  

Picture: Oversized plastic globe with rgb illuminating 


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Monumental spheres by night

metal globe by night Example giant metal sphere

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